Mentor Match


The IoPP Mentor Match program connects IoPP members for a one-on-one focused mentorship.

Mentorship is a proven self-development method that can help both mentee and mentor develop perspective, build confidence, gain new skills and knowledge, and further personal development and career goals.

Participate in the IoPP Mentor Match program in four simple steps:


Complete your IoPP profile
Fill out your member profile with as much detail as possible to aid in making the best match.


Become a Mentor or Become a Mentee
Complete your Mentor/Mentee profile by making selections for each of the program demographics.

Find a Mentor/Mentee
Specify preferences (up to 4 criteria to choose from), view results and profiles to find the best match.

Send a request to the best match by clicking the Mentor/Mentee Request button, then wait for the recipient to accept or deny the request.

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